Monday, May 30, 2011

[Hip/Hop] Renegade- Eminem & Jay-Z

This is my first blog post on a blog I should have made weeks ago... Anyways this blog is an extension on a senior project for the woodside priory school. In this project, my two friends and I decided to make a website to bring attention to underground music and genres that people would otherwise not listen to. We had initially planned to make one central site with individual pages, but when complications arose, we decided a blog format would be much easier to finish with. With my blog I plan to post form almost every genre. My main focus will be Hip/Hop and Rap, but will branch out into other genres as well. K, I know this song isn't actually and underground song, it is still my all time favorite song. It is a chill song all around, and every verse is equally as dope as the next.

Renegade - Eminem & Jay-Z | Download

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